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Holy crap. I started writing the long suffering baseball novel yesterday. I am slowly putting together character files/sketches, but I have the names all set up and the overall team put together.

I have the opening scene mostly written and so many little dialogue pieces floating in my head.

Ultimately, my focus for 2011 is still In The Spotlight, (because it is my first love, and I can never leave Ava, Ryan, Lily, Nathan, and the rest of the story behind) but since my pledge for this year's [ profile] getyourwordsout is 150K words, I thought I'd put another project into play. Right now, the baseball fic is called Stealing Second, but that is absolutely subject to change. I actually have the title 3-2 Count fluttering around in my brain, but who knows.

I also have a hankering to get back to the NCIS series and work with Tony and Hannah again this year. We shall see.

2011 is going to be great. I can feel it. I've got school starting in a week from Monday, and I've got my sweet Cody kitten keeping me happy, and I'm hoping that I will keep my job after this week. My boss is deciding which of the holiday hires to keep on. I am hopeful I will be one of them, but I also know that it's not the end of the world if he doesn't keep me on. I love my co-workers and the place of work in general, but I've already decided that if I should happen to get let go, I will get through the first month back in school, then job hunt again. With luck, I will be done with my AA degree by the end of 2011, or Spring of 2012 at the latest, and I can dive into a new career with a renewed energy toward work. But I can't lie...any good vibes you're willing to share with me about keeping my current job or at least awhile longer would be appreciated! =)

Ugh. Off to bed. Seriously. Work at 10 am.

Happy 2011 to you all! This year will be excellent for so many reasons. I have a good feeling about it. *g*

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