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Sitting on my lunch break at work, just killing time. It's nice to b working again. I am working as a cashier for Borders Books and I love it! I interviewed right before the Dad and I went to SF for the World Series, and then had a second interview just day later. Then, I got the job offer. I was over the moon!

Right now, I am mere holiday work, but there is a good chance that I will be staying on after the holidays to be part of the merchandising staff. Here's hoping! I would love to have something steady while I am back in school.

Speaking if school, I am excited to go back for my AA degree in January. I already have a BA, but if I want to really change career directions, the AA in Office Administration will really help. I will have general business office skills and medical office skills. So yeah, going back to school is going to be good for me. I needed the change.

Back to work soon. Hope everyone is well and had a good Turkey Day last week!

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