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First off, Merry Christmas to you all! I hope your Christmas 2010 has been terrific!

I'm sitting here with a happy Cody kitten in my lap, purring away. My furry boy and I have had a wonderful Christmas! He got kitty treats, new crinkle ball toys, and felt fishies to bat around.

My work Secret Santa rocked and got me yarn, a new journal and pen, candy, and other little things. My dear [ profile] newdaydawning gave me a gift certificate to get yarn, and I am so psyched to pick my new yarn for knitting! ;)

My awesome parents killed me with their gifts this year. I got tons of makeup from Avon and Sephora (yay!) and body stuff from Avon and The Body Shop. My mom got me a gorgeous new silver necklace with an S on it, and a pair of handmade silver earrings with the word 'read' hand-stamped on one, and 'write' stamped on the other. I am so in love! She got me a new red watch as well. My dad got me the San Francisco Giants Champiionship DVD, a Giants iPhone case (squee!), and a gorgeous new bag for school. They both got me my favorite perfume (Britney's "Curious"), a purse, "The Blind Side" on DVD, and a new silver ring with a gold heart inlaid in it. But the BIG gift this year was a brand new Cruz e-reader. Yay for e-books!! I'm so excited! I got a nifty red case with it, and of course, now I need to name the thing. I most likely will stick with a Giants theme. (I already have Cody the kitten, Nate the iPhone, Timmy the iPod, Aaron the Acer laptop, and a stuffed Pablo the Panda). Maybe Aubrey the e-reader. Hahaha.

But--this was an amazing Christmas. I love my parents and my friends so very much. This Christmas Day was excellent as well. While Mom cooked dinner, the Dad and I went to the movies and saw "True Grit". Awesome movie. Not usually my kind of film, but I really liked this one! Came home and had a great prime rib dinner and watched fun baseball countdowns on the MLB Network. Heh.

Anyway. Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday so far! Love to you all and your families!

*loveslovesloves you all*
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